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Voiceovers – making the sound choice

When the implementation of a communications message script is done some attributes come into effect during this stage. At the time these attributes can either consolidate and strengthen the original concept or they can take away from it.

Choosing the people, equipment and material that will impact the implementation of the concept well is therefore key to creating a great communications message.

It is similar to an artist sketching out a landscape and then choosing the canvas and the medium to render the actual painting. The choice has to be such that the implementation of the concept carries the message of the painting across faithfully and even enhances it.

For a communications message a key decision is the choice of a voice to do the voiceovers. Being a human input it has a very direct impact on the recipient of the message and is a key factor in deciding whether a message is bang on target or way off the mark. For commercial messages when the time available is all too brief it becomes an even more critical factor.

Like any other field where you need to hire great talent it can get very expensive if for voiceovers you go for the big names. Therefore it is very useful if you can spot an emerging voiceover talent. This way you can get a great voiceover and still remain within the budget.

So how do you spot an emerging voice over talent? Well as a start you can give the artist's portfolio a real good listening. You can also talk to the artist and make a judgment on the capabilities of the artist and the level of interest in the work you have for the artist.

The effort you make identifying a good voiceover artist will be very much worth it. If you have a professional and experienced artist the entire message will benefit from the talent of the voiceover artist. And if your message is effective the cost of the entire message and broadcasting it will be a great investment and shall help you deliver upon your larger goals.


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