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The Pros of Posters versus the Pros of Catalogs

Many business owners today are increasingly engaged in tunnel vision solely focused on the online marketing arena. Often forgotten are tried and true methodologies, which have been utilized for generations.

A well-rounded marketing game plan needs elements of both the new and the old world. Three important avenues to consider are poster printing, booklet printing and catalog printing.

Booklet printing is added to the mix as an alternative to catalog printing for those businesses not offering a large number of products or services. There are marketing efficiencies to be gained by utilizing all three of these avenues. Poster printing, catalog printing, and booklet printing all provide excellent return in invested marketing dollars when intelligently incorporated into your advertising strategy.

Catalog print has obviously been long used by companies who have a large product line. However, smart business owners realize that they can profit too from their use. A slimmed down catalog is basically a booklet. Booklet printing is cost effective and can deliver a substantial amount of information to its recipient even if only four pages.

Both catalog printing and booklet printing require professional design and well-worded content. A lackluster color scheme or boring text will result in your marketing dollars ending up in the circular file. Prominent displays of your web site address within these materials can also help drive online traffic.

Poster printing provides for a highly economical route for you to get your company's message out. Posters when properly placed can grab myriad eyeballs at a cost rivaling or actually coming in under the equivalent interactive costs. As with catalogs and booklets, your poster printing must produce an attention-grabbing product.

Passersby will not give your posters time of day unless engaging colors are combined with informative text. In the limited space on the poster, you must convey your message with clarity and brevity. Posters are also a great avenue to display your web site address to facilitate increased traffic.

Both of these "old world" advertising mediums should be included in every marketing plan. Not all of your targeted audience is online. The development and reinforcement of your company's brand in the marketplace is critical. Catalogs and posters can be targeted with laser precision to reach any given niche.

Obviously, an interactive presence is required in today's business environment. However, do not leave out these effective tools, which cannot only provide synergies, which increase your online traffic, but they also, capture an additional market segment. Let catalog printing, booklet printing and poster printing round out your advertising arsenal.


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