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Effective Awareness Campaigns through Large Posters

Developing an awareness campaign may be time consuming but it is definitely worth your while. Awareness campaigns are geared towards passing out information by using several types of media. The goal is to get the message across to a wide audience. The more you get people to see, read, and hear your message, the better it will be for your sales and profits.

One of the most used media for these types of campaign is poster printing. Because most posters attract attention due to their design or colors, they become good conveyors of messages.

Posters come in all shapes and sizes, but the best way to attract attention is by making it big. Large posters command attention. There is no better way to attract attention than to have beautifully designed large posters. Just imagine seeing your large posters all over your city or community. Many people would not be able to ignore them as they are not only big but also very conspicuous. Nevertheless, before you dive into any poster printing exercise, understand what makes a successful awareness poster.

Awareness campaigns are all about getting the message across. The trick here is to combine the elements of a poster like the text, images, and colors into one impactful conveyor of a message. Since posters are largely visual mediums, everything in it must support one another for a more forceful impact.

An awareness campaign poster must have a concept. The concept tells a story. It should be able to convey what it wants to say. They should get the main selling idea across. The concept is always supported by a main visual which is usually a photograph, an image, or an illustration. These are the only elements that should be in any poster printing: the main idea of the campaign, the headline or the key message and the visual. This means that you should be direct to the point as possible. As a rule of thumb, your audience should be able to get the idea without batting an eyelash.

Take this awareness campaign about protected sex to address issues about unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The target audience is young sexually active boys. The key message for this awareness campaign is that 'it is cool to use a condom.' The visual image is young boys in trendy clothes with a packet of condoms. Get the idea?

Developing an awareness campaign poster is time consuming but if you put your mind to it, you might be able to develop a masterpiece.


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