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Resume Writing

There are some things that are definite "do's" on a resume, and some clear things you shouldn't do. But many people don't know where to start in making a good resume - and it can make a big difference in whether or not you get that job.

First, you need to keep your resume to one page if possible. People just aren't going to read that far into it - you make think you get a benefit from doing multiple pages, but if you can't explain it in one, you can't expect someone to take the time to read it. Often, the first paragraph is all they will see or read - if you haven't caught them by then, you aren't going to get them. Second, don't use obvious padding. "Newspaper Distribution Coordinator" isn't going to fool anyone into thinking that you were anything other than the paperboy. Third, make absolutely sure you have no spelling or grammar errors. A resume reflects on your professionalism, and if it looks unprofessional, people won't bother to give you the interview. Fourth, put it on nice, slightly off-white colored paper if you can. You want it to catch the eye when compared to resumes that are just printed out on regular paper, but you don't want it to stand out too much. Finally, you need to make sure that it has the most important stuff in it for the job you're targeting. Don't make one generic resume if you are going after several different kinds of jobs - you need a resume that shows your experience in and desire to work in the field you are applying for.


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