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Jennifer Lopez Workout Basics.

How to get a body like Jennifer Lopez?

Well, Jlo’s regimes are more severe and functional as compared to Britney Spears or other weakling women out there.

If you are wondering where her tight ass and sharp figure comes from, much of it is courtesy of functional training such as recess training and Martial Arts practice.

So how does training in Krav Maga and Kick Boxing give you a tight body?

Well, muscles naturally tend to condition, hence harden.

Normally Cardio would keep the fat off to an extent but it doesn’t excel in toning muscles, naturally allowing a lean figure.

While practicing Kickboxing, more parts of your body are utilized, causing more parts to evolve to better tone, the motion without machines stresses the muscles while simultaneously dropping calories.

Usually, the women use 80% diet, 20% workout priority rule, Jen uses a 55% diet, 45% workout rule, which explains the notable difference.

So what should the women reading here do to get Jennifer Lopez’s ass?

My answer would be to concentrate more on bodyweight exercises, go many buttups and the sort. Go high protein and also use your legs with ankle weights.

Of what I recommend is that you do a lot of high speed pushups, squats (keeping the knees in order please), lunges. I believe doing something like 200 burpees a day while doing some functional training will help you get a really lean look.

It is of course important to burn fat in the process.


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