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Article Marketing Gives Business a Boost

Article marketing is one of the least understood and much underused methods of free business promotion around. Despite this, quite a few business owners have been using this free method to give their companies a huge boost without spending a penny.

Let's look at a few ways article marketing can help increase your business.

Online Reputation. Even if your business is a real world one, such as a coffee shop, establishing an online presence is vital. All businesses need a website now and to ensure that yours isn't just one of millions of unknown websites stuck in the corner, you can use article marketing to break into the public eye.

Expert Status. While this is related to online reputation, YOU are the expert, not your business. When you have promoted yourself as an expert, whether it be in the world of taxes or shoe sales, you can take this fame and turn it toward any business you choose to start up, as well as your existing one.

Traffic. Article marketing will help your sales go up, if you have great website copy that convert. The higher the number of visitors to your website, the better the chances that you will make a sale. Article marketing promotes your business far and wide, when done correctly and you'll see more traffic as a result, usually quite quickly.

Search Engine Optimization. A benefit of using the more popular article directories and sites where you can submit business articles is that they usually boast a high PageRank. This means that effective use of keywords in article marketing will result in your articles appearing in the top search results, with a link back to your site. In addition, your backlinks will go up each time the article is published, either on the article directory site or on someone`s website.

Education. Informed clients equal clients who know what they are looking for in a service or product. When you're the one offering what they need, it`s quite likely you'll be getting a boost in sales. You`ll also build client trust, as you are the provider of free, useful information that they can use. Trust is essential when you are trying to grow a business.

Article marketing is something that every business could and should be using. It`s completely cost free and requires little more than time to accomplish, yet the results are amazing.


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