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Useful cell phone accessories

With the wide array of cell phone accessories available in todays's market its becoming a necessity rather than than just an add on's for your phone.

There are practical accessories which which make your cell phone usage more convenient and on the other hand you would get accessories which would give your phone a new identity. Due to the abundance of such accessories it is often difficult to decide what to buy and what not to buy.

Car charger, handsfree headset, batteries are the useful cell phone accessories and a must to have these days. When you are out on the road, you donot have the worries that your phone may run out of batteries as you can always use the spare batteries and/or charge it using the car charger kit. High power travellers can always carry an emergency charger with them to avoid any inconvenience.

A bluetooth handsfree headset is a boon to almost anyone who drives and talk on the phone at the same time. It is proven to improve your reaction time when compared to holding the phone to your head.

Digital camera in phones is a must have features on phone these days and with the improvement on technologies you could get 2 Mega Pixel camera in phones like Sony Ericsson's K750i and W800i. It gives you the ability to shoot a picture and send it to your loved ones from any where in the world.

USB Data cables are also becoming a necessity, it helps you to transfer data from your phone to a computer or vice versa.

Cell phone accessories like faceplates, cell phone cases, games, ringer tones make your phone lively and gives it an identity of its own.

Faceplates are available in almost every design you can think of right from your favorite sports team, to your flower to any color which you can chose to go with your personality and you can accessorize your phone to go with the dress you are wearing. You can buy or download your favorite games on phone. Almost all songs are now available as a downloadable ring tone which you can use as a ringer tone for your phone.

All you need is the right accessories to give your phone a life of its own and to complement your personality.


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