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Online dating: Little things that matter

Matters of Racism
There are almost no black men in Russia, Arabs. It makes the mixed marriages rare. So women are not sure of something to expect. It would be harder to find a woman who will not consider race an issue. The situation in Ukraine is somewhat different. As there are so many blacks and arabs, relationships with such men have become common for Ukrainian ladies. They have some different options of having a husband different for them. Young women are more daring and they are more flexible in matter of skin color. The women who are more than 25 are more traditional in such matters. Older generation might not be a racist in their views, but may be opposite to mixed marriages. So, if somebody finds a German woman then make sure that you know your parents reactions, to avoid conflicts in future.

Whether religion matters?
Religion of Russia and Ukraine is Russian Orthodox Christianity. Most women in Orthodox countries do believe in God and have a faith in their religion, very few are religious but to build a relationship religion becomes a primary issue so that kind of people may not be dating who are not of their religion. So if someone mentions the religion then it really matters for them, if not then they might attend church a couple times and will not have a serious feeling about religion. If you really matter for the religion then while communicating or online dating you should describe it so it doesn’t create any disappointments or misunderstandings.

Whether location matters?
It has been a trend in the US to move from big cities to small towns and suburb areas, but Russian women living far from the city means being stuck and feeling isolated. And it is largely due to their observation, they usually don’t have accommodations and very difficult to live in. So if you live in a suburb area, you should clarify it to your partner, make her understand that having a vehicle makes it convenient to travel. Make her understand that you are going to live in a good place rather than a wooden house.

Whether bad habits matter?
This is the main matter which everybody looks. Do mention properly that whether you drink or not and if you drink then how much you drink in a day. If you drink once in a while or drink daily, don’t hide otherwise it can create a problem in a long run. And if we talk about smoking then it is less likely to cause a negative reaction. Currently, rate of smoking among women has increased. So, if you smoke or drink then do include this information in your profile to avoid misunderstandings in future.

While dating online you should be clear about what you should ask. Make clear understanding about your partner and even don’t hide your bad habits. Communication is the only key to solve such matters.If you hide or wait, issues will not be solved on their own and will not yield any good results, so be truthful, open and save yourself.


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