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How To Treat Acne With Homemade Ingredients

Acne is a skin disease where one gets spots on the face, chest and the back. It is inflamed and looks like swollen pimples and takes place when the pores of the skin get clogged. You need to engage in some serious skin care to get rid of acne and its resultant marks.

It can occur anytime but usually surfaces during the teenage years and is characterized by pits and mounds. There are several methods for treating acne, but the most favored are invariably the home remedies which do not bring about any side effects.

Prescription drugs are recommended, but they rarely go to the root of the problem and once the drug wears off the acne will reappear. It is dangerous to touch the pimple as it can lead to infection and further inflammation of the surrounding area.

Some important tips to note:

1. Regular skin care can prevent the onset of acne. The cleaner and clearer the skin pores, the better fortified you are against any form of skin problems. Among the readily available over the counter medicine is benzoyl peroxide. It is not a prescription drug and you can get it at a drug store near you. You can use any of two options - gel or lotion. You can buy either the 5% or the 10% concentration and you may want to try the higher strength formula provided you don’t experience any irritation. If you don’t experience side effects you can safely apply the higher concentration in gel or lotion on the affected skin, even twice daily.

2. Acne persists as long as there is bacteria and oil in the pores. Accumulation of oil and bacteria causes the area to inflame and makes one feel itchy and uncomfortable. Benzoyl peroxide acts on the acne fast and patients report positive effects in two months. If you feel an irritation consult a dermatologist.

3. Like most skin problems, treatment of acne is best done naturally with herbal and organic products. If you are a chronic acne sufferer then you can use herbs such as Butternut, Burdock and Cleavers.

4. Make a paste made of orange peel with water and apply to the affected parts.

5. Other natural remedies include pastes made from garlic, powdered cinnamon, lemon juice, lime and rosewater or groundnut oil. All can be applied to the affected skin in order to provide a nutritious tincture.

6. Try exposing your skin to the sun and getting plenty of fresh air.


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