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Dreaming Beyond Boundaries

If a few men and women of vision had not acted on their dreams, we would still be living in caves, believing that the world is flat. If a few brave souls had not been willing to put their lives on the line for their dreams we wouldn’t have landed men on the moon and general air travel would have been left in the dream bubble. But a few broke the mold of precedence; a few went beyond boundaries. Many didn’t live to see their dreams become reality. They struggled and failed on numerous attempts but others of similar vision built on those dreams and eventually achieved the goal.

Yet, all of us have dreams but few of us have acted on them. The minute we get the dream, is the minute we start building up great walls of opposition. We convince ourselves that our dreams are impossibilities, nonsensical, not worthy of action; basically we put our selves down and fall asleep again. Sometimes we are so afraid of failure and feeling foolish that we don’t act on our dreams. Does that sound familiar?

What would it take for us to begin to dream beyond our conventional boundaries? Firstly, who set the boundaries? Who says it can’t be done? Working a dream is like starting a new business. Do the homework. Find out all you can about your project and collect the data objectively and truthfully. Be willing to let go of the things that don’t work and embrace new ideas that might surface to sustain your dreams, even if they don’t come in the packages which you expected.

Great ideas come with linkages and supports if you let go of how you think it has to happen and allow the dream itself, its own freedom to grow. The strength of your conviction will attract the key support links effortlessly. Begin to feel the validity of the dream and let go of the brain-based focus. Be willing to be in free-fall; you don’t have to know what will happen next.

Begin to sense rather than see. Dreams come to us from a part of our being not connected with physical reality and therefore must be nurtured from those same dimensions. Fear of the unknown is normal for most of us but helps us to hone our spiritual aptitudes. We become adepts only as we are tested and successfully pass the tests, which incidentally, we have set for ourselves.

Playfulness is an invaluable element of dreaming. Dreams usually don’t come until we are in a relaxed playful mode anyway. Likewise solutions tend to pop into our minds when we have given up our brain-based focus to force an answer. The other element of playfulness which nurtures dreams is joy. Joy carries with it a vibration of ‘possibilities’ and as we already know the universe is quick to respond.

So what else is there? Believe in yourself! Believe in your dreams! Your dream is like a new born infant and will require as much nurturing, attention and cultivation. Be willing to stand up for your dream and don’t expect others to carry it for you – it is not their baby. You are its parent and it is from you that it requires the love. YES, Love your dreams into reality!


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