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Crucial Components for Web Designing

These days almost everyone is on the Internet selling products or services through a business website. To have a good online presence, you need a website that should be attractive enough to bring people to it and interest them enough to make a purchase of your products or services.
There are some crucial components of web design that you must focus on in order to make a site valuable to its visitors and successful for you.
Usability: One of the goals of your website‘s design is to keep usability easy and simple. Visitors don’t stay for long if it takes more than one or two clicks to get the information they want. Therefore, your website must be easy to navigate and designed in a way that makes it easy to access.
Clear Layouts: A website has to look clean, uncomplicated and strike a balance in layout that is pleasant to the visitor. Many web designers often view a web page as an opportunity to blast a visitor with lots of information in the hope that this will convince the visitor to take action. Usually this results in a quick exit due to the complicated look. A better approach is to provide information with appropriate white spaces to allow visitors eyes to scan and explore with ease.
Content: An important feature of any website is the quality of the text content. The content offered must be well-written, without grammatical or spelling errors. It also has to be relevant to the theme of the site, with valid and up to date information.
Graphics: Good use of graphics can really improve the user’s ability to read the page and analyze the content more easily. You should avoid confusing and non appropriate images when choosing them.
SEO: SEO is the art of designing a site in a fashion that gives the site an advantage for obtaining free and abundant traffic. Before you lay down HTML code for a site you must know and understand at least the basics of SEO and how it fits into the design.
The Internet is a highly competitive business arena. To be successful with a commercial website, you have to keep these five crucial web design elements in mind.


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