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Air conditioning - How to get energy efficient cooling?

Here are some important steps that can help you maintain your air conditioning units running at peak efficiency.

Check for EER ratings before buying an air conditioner
To keep a check on your electricity bills, it best to buy an air conditioner that has higher EER (energy efficiency ratio). Devices with higher EER ratings will cost less to operate.

Clean the filters of your air conditioners regularly
Dirty filters are the main reason to decrease the efficiency of you is A.C unit thus it is recommended to clean your air conditioners filter regularly during the cooling season. Look for the filter's MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) which usually ranges from 1 to 12 for home AC units. The higher the number, the better filtration it provides.

Fix all the air Leaks
Your air conditioner’s ducts can lose up to 30 percent of airflow through leaks. Thus is very important to seal all the leaks properly. Use foil tape to seal small gaps and duct mastic for larger ones. For window AC units, stuff foam between the device and the window frame, taping as needed. You will find a lot of domestic air conditioning service companies over the internet that can help you get all these fixes done professionally.

Insulate your ducts properly
Decent effort on ductwork can increase the efficiency of your air conditioners. Ducts in hot spaces like upper attics should be wrapped to keep the air within them cool. You can use spray foam, batt insulation, or rigid-foam insulation. Seal batt and rigid insulation with foil tape.

Service your Compressor/Condenser
Make sure to ask your air conditioning installer to install your air conditioner 24 inches of clear space in all directions. Thus get rid of nearby shrubs, tall grass, leaves, and hanging branches surrounding your air conditioners space around your house.

Do not make it work so hard
It’s best to keep your air conditioning units cool by taking some simple measures. Keep blinds or shades down during the day and use a ceiling fan to circulate the cool air evenly around the room. These practices can extent the life of your air conditioners and make them work more effectively.

Ask a professional to maintain you air conditioner
Ask the dealer who installed your air conditioner to put you on a yearly cleaning schedule that goes beyond just cleaning the filters. Its best to schedule this air conditioning maintenance before the cooling season starts and make sure it includes the following tasks:

1. Cleaning or replacing filters
2. Inspecting and cleaning coils
3. Replacing or adjusting fan belts
4. Lubricating bearings and motors
5. Cleaning fans and blowers
6. Examining controls and safeties
7. Checking refrigerant and pressures
8. Attesting and verifying operating temperatures


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